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Ribosomal frameshifting and transcriptional slippage: From genetic steganography and cryptography to adventitious use
JF Atkins, G Loughran, PR Bhatt, AE Firth, PV Baranov
Nucleic acids research 44 (15), 7007-7078, 2016
Evidence of efficient stop codon readthrough in four mammalian genes
G Loughran, MY Chou, IP Ivanov, I Jungreis, M Kellis, AM Kiran, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (14), 8928-8938, 2014
Whole-genome sequencing coupled to imputation discovers genetic signals for anthropometric traits
I Tachmazidou, D Süveges, JL Min, GRS Ritchie, J Steinberg, K Walter, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 100 (6), 865-884, 2017
A case for “StopGo”: reprogramming translation to augment codon meaning of GGN by promoting unconventional termination (Stop) after addition of glycine and then allowing …
JF Atkins, NM Wills, G Loughran, CY Wu, K Parsawar, MD Ryan, ...
Rna 13 (6), 803-810, 2007
Insights into the mechanisms of eukaryotic translation gained with ribosome profiling
DE Andreev, PBF O'Connor, G Loughran, SE Dmitriev, PV Baranov, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (2), 513-526, 2017
Initiation context modulates autoregulation of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 1 (eIF1)
IP Ivanov, G Loughran, MS Sachs, JF Atkins
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (42), 18056-18060, 2010
The insulin-like growth factor-I–mTOR signaling pathway induces the mitochondrial pyrimidine nucleotide carrier to promote cell growth
S Floyd, C Favre, FM Lasorsa, M Leahy, G Trigiante, P Stroebel, A Marx, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 18 (9), 3545-3555, 2007
Mystique is a new insulin-like growth factor-I-regulated PDZ-LIM domain protein that promotes cell attachment and migration and suppresses Anchorage-independent growth
G Loughran, NC Healy, PA Kiely, M Huigsloot, NL Kedersha, R O'Connor
Molecular biology of the cell 16 (4), 1811-1822, 2005
uORFs with unusual translational start codons autoregulate expression of eukaryotic ornithine decarboxylase homologs
IP Ivanov, G Loughran, JF Atkins
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (29), 10079-10084, 2008
Stringency of start codon selection modulates autoregulation of translation initiation factor eIF5
G Loughran, MS Sachs, JF Atkins, IP Ivanov
Nucleic acids research 40 (7), 2898-2906, 2012
Polyamine control of translation elongation regulates start site selection on antizyme inhibitor mRNA via ribosome queuing
IP Ivanov, BS Shin, G Loughran, I Tzani, SK Young-Baird, C Cao, ...
Molecular cell 70 (2), 254-264. e6, 2018
Structural basis of ribosomal frameshifting during translation of the SARS-CoV-2 RNA genome
PR Bhatt, A Scaiola, G Loughran, M Leibundgut, A Kratzel, R Meurs, ...
Science 372 (6548), 1306-1313, 2021
Heme-binding protein HRG-1 is induced by insulin-like growth factor I and associates with the vacuolar H+-ATPase to control endosomal pH and receptor trafficking
KM O'Callaghan, V Ayllon, J O'Keeffe, Y Wang, OT Cox, G Loughran, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 285 (1), 381-391, 2010
Ribosomal frameshifting into an overlapping gene in the 2B-encoding region of the cardiovirus genome
G Loughran, AE Firth, JF Atkins
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (46), E1111-E1119, 2011
AMD1 mRNA employs ribosome stalling as a mechanism for molecular memory formation
MM Yordanova, G Loughran, AV Zhdanov, M Mariotti, SJ Kiniry, ...
Nature 553 (7688), 356-360, 2018
Gene expression profiles in cells transformed by overexpression of the IGF-I receptor
G Loughran, M Huigsloot, PA Kiely, LM Smith, S Floyd, V Ayllon, ...
Oncogene 24 (40), 6185-6193, 2005
Stop codon readthrough generates a C-terminally extended variant of the human vitamin D receptor with reduced calcitriol response
G Loughran, I Jungreis, I Tzani, M Power, RI Dmitriev, IP Ivanov, M Kellis, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (12), 4434-4444, 2018
Systematic analysis of the PTEN 5′ leader identifies a major AUU initiated proteoform
I Tzani, IP Ivanov, DE Andreev, RI Dmitriev, KA Dean, PV Baranov, ...
Open biology 6 (5), 150203, 2016
Multiple RNA structures affect translation initiation and UGA redefinition efficiency during synthesis of selenoprotein P
M Mariotti, S Shetty, L Baird, S Wu, G Loughran, PR Copeland, JF Atkins, ...
Nucleic acids research 45 (22), 13004-13015, 2017
Identification of an IGF-1R kinase regulatory phosphatase using the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and a GFP tagged IGF-1R in mammalian cells
DA Buckley, G Loughran, G Murphy, C Fennelly, R O'connor
Molecular Pathology 55 (1), 46, 2002
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