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Phage-antibiotic synergy (PAS): β-lactam and quinolone antibiotics stimulate virulent phage growth
AM Comeau, F Tétart, SN Trojet, MF Prère, HM Krisch
Plos one 2 (8), e799, 2007
Genotypic and Phenotypic Analysis of Enterobacter sakazakii Strains from an Outbreak Resulting in Fatalities in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in France
J Caubilla-Barron, E Hurrell, S Townsend, P Cheetham, C Loc-Carrillo, ...
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Functional similarities between retroviruses and the IS3 family of bacterial insertion sequences?
O Fayet, P Ramond, P Polard, MF Prere, M Chandler
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Programmed translational frameshifting and initiation at an AUU codon in gene expression of bacterial insertion sequence IS911
P Polard, MF Prere, M Chandler, O Fayet
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Performances of the Vitek MS matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization–time of flight mass spectrometry system for rapid identification of bacteria in routine clinical …
D Dubois, M Grare, MF Prere, C Segonds, N Marty, E Oswald
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Transposition in Shigella dysenteriae: isolation and analysis of IS911, a new member of the IS3 group of insertion sequences
MF Prere, M Chandler, O Fayet
Journal of Bacteriology 172 (7), 4090-4099, 1990
Simultaneous detection of gastrointestinal pathogens with a multiplex Luminex-based molecular assay in stool samples from diarrhoeic patients
C Mengelle, JM Mansuy, MF Prere, E Grouteau, I Claudet, N Kamar, ...
Clinical Microbiology and Infection 19 (10), E458-E465, 2013
Impact of Three Ampicillin Dosage Regimens on Selection of Ampicillin Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae and Excretion of blaTEM Genes in Swine Feces
D Bibbal, V Dupouy, JP Ferré, PL Toutain, O Fayet, MF Prere, ...
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P Polard, MF Prere, O Fayet, M Chandler
The EMBO Journal 11 (13), 5079-5090, 1992
Translational control of transposition activity of the bacterial insertion sequence IS1.
JM Escoubas, MF Prere, O Fayet, I Salvignol, D Galas, D Zerbib, ...
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Distribution and characteristics of Escherichia coli clonal group A
JR Johnson, AC Murray, MA Kuskowski, S Schubert, MF Prère, B Picard, ...
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A Set of pBR322-Compatible Plasmids Allowing
MP Castanié, H Berges, J Oreglia, MF Prere, O Fayet
Analytical biochemistry 254, 150-152, 1997
The rtxA Toxin Gene of Kingella kingae: a Pertinent Target for Molecular Diagnosis of Osteoarticular Infections
P Lehours, AM Freydière, O Richer, C Burucoa, S Boisset, P Lanotte, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 49 (4), 1245-1250, 2011
RECODE: a database of frameshifting, bypassing and codon redefinition utilized for gene expression
PV Baranov, OL Gurvich, O Fayet, MF Prère, WA Miller, RF Gesteland, ...
Nucleic acids research 29 (1), 264-267, 2001
Incidence of paediatric pneumococcal meningitis and emergence of new serotypes: a time-series analysis of a 16-year French national survey
N Ouldali, C Levy, E Varon, S Bonacorsi, S Béchet, R Cohen, ...
The Lancet infectious diseases 18 (9), 983-991, 2018
Programmed translational− 1 frameshifting on hexanucleotide motifs and the wobble properties of tRNAs
P Licznar, N Mejlhede, MF Prère, N Wills, RF Gesteland, JF Atkins, ...
The EMBO journal 22 (18), 4770-4778, 2003
Identification of clinical Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates among other alpha and nonhemolytic streptococci by use of the Vitek MS matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization …
D Dubois, C Segonds, MF Prere, N Marty, E Oswald
Journal of clinical microbiology 51 (6), 1861-1867, 2013
A three-way junction and constituent stem-loops as the stimulator for programmed− 1 frameshifting in bacterial insertion sequence IS911
CC Rettberg, MF Prère, RF Gesteland, JF Atkins, O Fayet
Journal of molecular biology 286 (5), 1365-1378, 1999
Relatedness of Escherichia coli Strains with Different Susceptibility Phenotypes Isolated from Swine Feces during Ampicillin Treatment
D Bibbal, V Dupouy, MF Prère, PL Toutain, A Bousquet-Mélou
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 75 (10), 2999-3006, 2009
Influence of the stacking potential of the base 3′ of tandem shift codons on− 1 ribosomal frameshifting used for gene expression
C Bertrand, MF Prère, RF Gesteland, JF Atkins, O Fayet
Rna 8 (1), 16-28, 2002
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