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Arsenic contamination of groundwater and drinking water in Vietnam: a human health threat
M Berg, HC Tran, TC Nguyen, HV Pham, R Schertenleib, W Giger
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Groundwater Arsenic Contamination Throughout China
L Rodríguez-Lado, G Sun, M Berg, Q Zhang, H Xue, Q Zheng, ...
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Compound-specific stable isotope analysis of organic contaminants in natural environments: a critical review of the state of the art, prospects, and future challenges
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J Buschmann, A Kappeler, U Lindauer, D Kistler, M Berg, L Sigg
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Contamination of drinking water resources in the Mekong delta floodplains: Arsenic and other trace metals pose serious health risks to population
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HA Duong, NH Pham, HT Nguyen, TT Hoang, HV Pham, VC Pham, ...
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B Müller, M Berg, ZP Yao, XF Zhang, D Wang, A Pfluger
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Hydrological and sedimentary controls leading to arsenic contamination of groundwater in the Hanoi area, Vietnam: The impact of iron-arsenic ratios, peat, river bank deposits …
M Berg, PTK Trang, C Stengel, J Buschmann, PH Viet, N Van Dan, ...
Chemical Geology 249 (1), 91-112, 2008
New evaluation scheme for two-dimensional isotope analysis to decipher biodegradation processes: Application to groundwater contamination by MTBE
L Zwank, M Berg, M Elsner, TC Schmidt, RP Schwarzenbach, ...
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PTK Trang, M Berg, PH Viet, NV Mui, JR van der Meer
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Concentrations and mass fluxes of chloroacetic acids and trifluoroacetic acid in rain and natural waters in Switzerland
M Berg, SR Müller, J Mühlemann, A Wiedmer, RP Schwarzenbach
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Kinetics and mechanistic aspects of As (III) oxidation by aqueous chlorine, chloramines, and ozone: relevance to drinking water treatment
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HAL Rowland, EO Omoregie, R Millot, C Jimenez, J Mertens, C Baciu, ...
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Compound-specific nitrogen and carbon isotope analysis of nitroaromatic compounds in aqueous samples using solid-phase microextraction coupled to GC/IRMS
M Berg, J Bolotin, TB Hofstetter
Analytical chemistry 79 (6), 2386-2393, 2007
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