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Convergent losses of decay mechanisms and rapid turnover of symbiosis genes in mycorrhizal mutualists
A Kohler, A Kuo, LG Nagy, E Morin, KW Barry, F Buscot, B Canbäck, ...
Nature genetics 47 (4), 410-415, 2015
CTCF-mediated functional chromatin interactome in pluripotent cells
L Handoko, H Xu, G Li, CY Ngan, E Chew, M Schnapp, CWH Lee, C Ye, ...
Nature genetics 43 (7), 630-638, 2011
Chromatin connectivity maps reveal dynamic promoter–enhancer long-range associations
Y Zhang, CH Wong, RY Birnbaum, G Li, R Favaro, CY Ngan, J Lim, E Tai, ...
Nature 504 (7479), 306-310, 2013
Comparative genomics reveals high biological diversity and specific adaptations in the industrially and medically important fungal genus Aspergillus
RP De Vries, R Riley, A Wiebenga, G Aguilar-Osorio, S Amillis, ...
Genome biology 18 (1), 1-45, 2017
Stromal myofibroblasts predict disease recurrence for colorectal cancer
T Tsujino, I Seshimo, H Yamamoto, CY Ngan, K Ezumi, I Takemasa, ...
Clinical cancer research 13 (7), 2082-2090, 2007
Genome sequencing of four Aureobasidium pullulans varieties: biotechnological potential, stress tolerance, and description of new species
C Gostinčar, RA Ohm, T Kogej, S Sonjak, M Turk, J Zajc, P Zalar, M Grube, ...
BMC genomics 15 (1), 1-29, 2014
Longitudinal molecular trajectories of diffuse glioma in adults
FP Barthel, KC Johnson, FS Varn, AD Moskalik, G Tanner, E Kocakavuk, ...
Nature 576 (7785), 112-120, 2019
Cancer cells survive with survivin
H Yamamoto, CY Ngan, M Monden
Cancer science 99 (9), 1709-1714, 2008
Quantitative evaluation of vimentin expression in tumour stroma of colorectal cancer
CY Ngan, H Yamamoto, I Seshimo, T Tsujino, M Man-i, JI Ikeda, K Konishi, ...
British journal of cancer 96 (6), 986-992, 2007
Phylogenomic analyses indicate that early fungi evolved digesting cell walls of algal ancestors of land plants
Y Chang, S Wang, S Sekimoto, AL Aerts, C Choi, A Clum, KM LaButti, ...
Genome biology and evolution 7 (6), 1590-1601, 2015
Multiplex chromatin interactions with single-molecule precision
M Zheng, SZ Tian, D Capurso, M Kim, R Maurya, B Lee, E Piecuch, ...
Nature 566 (7745), 558-562, 2019
Overexpression of CDC25A phosphatase is associated with hypergrowth activity and poor prognosis of human hepatocellular carcinomas
X Xu, H Yamamoto, M Sakon, M Yasui, CY Ngan, H Fukunaga, T Morita, ...
Clinical cancer research 9 (5), 1764-1772, 2003
Oxaliplatin, a potent inhibitor of survivin, enhances paclitaxel-induced apoptosis and mitotic catastrophe in colon cancer cells
Y Fujie, H Yamamoto, CY Ngan, A Takagi, T Hayashi, R Suzuki, K Ezumi, ...
Japanese journal of clinical oncology 35 (8), 453-463, 2005
Marine algae and land plants share conserved phytochrome signaling systems
D Duanmu, C Bachy, S Sudek, CH Wong, V Jiménez, NC Rockwell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (44), 15827-15832, 2014
Linking secondary metabolites to gene clusters through genome sequencing of six diverse Aspergillus species
I Kjærbølling, TC Vesth, JC Frisvad, JL Nybo, S Theobald, A Kuo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (4), E753-E761, 2018
A multivariate analysis of adhesion molecules expression in assessment of colorectal cancer
CY Ngan, H Yamamoto, I Seshimo, K Ezumi, M Terayama, H Hemmi, ...
Journal of surgical oncology 95 (8), 652-662, 2007
Lineage-specific chromatin signatures reveal a regulator of lipid metabolism in microalgae
CY Ngan, CH Wong, C Choi, Y Yoshinaga, K Louie, J Jia, C Chen, ...
Nature Plants 1 (8), 1-12, 2015
Strand-specific RNA-seq analyses of fruiting body development in Coprinopsis cinerea
H Muraguchi, K Umezawa, M Niikura, M Yoshida, T Kozaki, K Ishii, ...
PloS one 10 (10), e0141586, 2015
Impact of library preparation protocols and template quantity on the metagenomic reconstruction of a mock microbial community
RM Bowers, A Clum, H Tice, J Lim, K Singh, D Ciobanu, CY Ngan, ...
Bmc Genomics 16 (1), 1-12, 2015
Aberrant expression of connexin 26 is associated with lung metastasis of colorectal cancer
K Ezumi, H Yamamoto, K Murata, M Higashiyama, B Damdinsuren, ...
Clinical cancer research 14 (3), 677-684, 2008
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