Roland Haas
Roland Haas
Senior Research Programmer, University of Illinois
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The Einstein Toolkit: a community computational infrastructure for relativistic astrophysics
F Löffler, J Faber, E Bentivegna, T Bode, P Diener, R Haas, I Hinder, ...
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The NANOGrav 11 year data set: pulsar-timing constraints on the stochastic gravitational-wave background
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P Mösta, S Richers, CD Ott, R Haas, AL Piro, K Boydstun, E Abdikamalov, ...
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F Foucart, MB Deaton, MD Duez, E O’Connor, CD Ott, R Haas, LE Kidder, ...
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Post-merger evolution of a neutron star-black hole binary with neutrino transport
F Foucart, E O’Connor, L Roberts, MD Duez, R Haas, LE Kidder, CD Ott, ...
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GRHydro: a new open-source general-relativistic magnetohydrodynamics code for the Einstein toolkit
P Mösta, BC Mundim, JA Faber, R Haas, SC Noble, T Bode, F Löffler, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31 (1), 015005, 2013
r-process Nucleosynthesis from Three-dimensional Magnetorotational Core-collapse Supernovae
P Mösta, LF Roberts, G Halevi, CD Ott, J Lippuner, R Haas, E Schnetter
The Astrophysical Journal 864 (2), 171, 2018
IllinoisGRMHD: an open-source, user-friendly GRMHD code for dynamical spacetimes
ZB Etienne, V Paschalidis, R Haas, P Mösta, SL Shapiro
Classical and Quantum Gravity 32 (17), 175009, 2015
Eccentric, nonspinning, inspiral, Gaussian-process merger approximant for the detection and characterization of eccentric binary black hole mergers
EA Huerta, CJ Moore, P Kumar, D George, AJK Chua, R Haas, E Wessel, ...
Physical Review D 97 (2), 024031, 2018
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CD Ott, LF Roberts, A da Silva Schneider, JM Fedrow, R Haas, ...
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Complete waveform model for compact binaries on eccentric orbits
EA Huerta, P Kumar, B Agarwal, D George, HY Schive, HP Pfeiffer, ...
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CD Ott, E Abdikamalov, E O’Connor, C Reisswig, R Haas, P Kalmus, ...
Physical Review D 86 (2), 024026, 2012
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