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Alliance of Proteomics and Genomics to Unravel the Specificities of Sahara Bacterium Deinococcus deserti
A de Groot, R Dulermo, P Ortet, L Blanchard, P Guérin, B Fernandez, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (3), e1000434, 2009
Combining metabolic engineering and process optimization to improve production and secretion of fatty acids
R Ledesma-Amaro, R Dulermo, X Niehus, JM Nicaud
Metabolic engineering 38, 38-46, 2016
Antagonistic functions of SET-2/SET1 and HPL/HP1 proteins in C. elegans development
T Simonet, R Dulermo, S Schott, F Palladino
Developmental biology 312 (1), 367-383, 2007
Analysis of ATP-citrate lyase and malic enzyme mutants of Yarrowia lipolytica points out the importance of mannitol metabolism in fatty acid synthesis
T Dulermo, Z Lazar, R Dulermo, M Rakicka, R Haddouche, JM Nicaud
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 2015
Crystal structure of the IrrE protein, a central regulator of DNA damage repair in Deinococcaceae
A Vujičić-Žagar, R Dulermo, M Le Gorrec, F Vannier, P Servant, ...
Journal of molecular biology 386 (3), 704-716, 2009
Using a vector pool containing variable-strength promoters to optimize protein production in Yarrowia lipolytica
R Dulermo, F Brunel, T Dulermo, R Ledesma-Amaro, J Vion, M Trassaert, ...
Microbial cell factories 16 (1), 1-11, 2017
Unraveling fatty acid transport and activation mechanisms in Yarrowia lipolytica
R Dulermo, H Gamboa-Meléndez, R Ledesma-Amaro, F Thévenieau, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 2015
Radiation response in Deinococcus deserti: IrrE is a metalloprotease that cleaves repressor protein DdrO
M Ludanyi, L Blanchard, R Dulermo, G Brandelet, L Bellanger, D Pignol, ...
Molecular microbiology 94 (2), 434-449, 2014
The fatty acid transport protein Fat1p is involved in the export of fatty acids from lipid bodies in Yarrowia lipolytica
R Dulermo, H Gamboa-Meléndez, T Dulermo, F Thevenieau, JM Nicaud
FEMS yeast research 14 (6), 883-896, 2014
Identification of New Genes Contributing to the Extreme Radioresistance of Deinococcus radiodurans Using a Tn5-Based Transposon Mutant Library
R Dulermo, T Onodera, G Coste, F Passot, M Dutertre, M Porteron, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0124358, 2015
ISDra2 transposition in Deinococcus radiodurans is downregulated by TnpB
C Pasternak, R Dulermo, B Ton‐Hoang, R Debuchy, P Siguier, G Coste, ...
Molecular microbiology 88 (2), 443-455, 2013
Mutagenic lesion bypass and two functionally different RecA proteins in Deinococcus deserti
R Dulermo, S Fochesato, L Blanchard, A De Groot
Molecular microbiology 74 (1), 194-208, 2009
Transforming sugars into fat – lipid biosynthesis using different sugars in Yarrowia lipolytica
P Hapeta, M Rakicka, R Dulermo, H Gamboa‐Meléndez, ...
Yeast 34 (7), 293-304, 2017
Yarrowia lipolytica AAL genes are involved in peroxisomal fatty acid activation
R Dulermo, H Gamboa-Meléndez, R Ledesma‐Amaro, F Thevenieau, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids …, 2016
The evolution of Jen3 proteins and their role in dicarboxylic acid transport in Yarrowia
R Dulermo, H Gamboa‐Meléndez, S Michely, F Thevenieau, ...
Microbiologyopen 4 (1), 100-120, 2015
The abundant and essential HU proteins in Deinococcus deserti and Deinococcus radiodurans are translated from leaderless mRNA
CB de la Tour, L Blanchard, R Dulermo, M Ludanyi, A Devigne, ...
Microbiology 161 (12), 2410-2422, 2015
Role of Pex11p in lipid homeostasis in Yarrowia lipolytica
R Dulermo, T Dulermo, H Gamboa-Meléndez, F Thevenieau, JM Nicaud
Eukaryotic cell 14 (5), 511-525, 2015
Effect of POX genotype and Lip2p overexpression on lactone production and reconsumption by Yarrowia lipolytica using castor oil as substrate
A Braga, AM Crutz-Le Coq, R Dulermo, JM Nicaud, I Belo
Process Biochemistry 50 (9), 1357-1362, 2015
Physical and functional interplay between PCNA DNA clamp and Mre11–Rad50 complex from the archaeon Pyrococcus furiosus
G Hogrel, Y Lu, S Laurent, E Henry, C Etienne, DK Phung, R Dulermo, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (11), 5651-5663, 2018
Truncation of Gal4p explains the inactivation of the GAL/MEL regulon in both Saccharomyces bayanus and some Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine strains
R Dulermo, JL Legras, F Brunel, H Devillers, V Sarilar, C Neuvéglise, ...
FEMS yeast research 16 (6), fow070, 2016
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