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The groES and groEL heat shock gene products of Escherichia coli are essential for bacterial growth at all temperatures
O Fayet, T Ziegelhoffer, C Georgopoulos
Journal of bacteriology 171 (3), 1379-1385, 1989
Identification, characterization, and mapping of the Escherichia coli htrA gene, whose product is essential for bacterial growth only at elevated temperatures
B Lipinska, O Fayet, L Baird, C Georgopoulos
Journal of bacteriology 171 (3), 1574-1584, 1989
The universally conserved GroE (Hsp60) chaperonins
J Zeilstra-Ryalls, O Fayet, C Georgopoulos
Annual review of microbiology 45 (1), 301-325, 1991
Characterization of a functionally important mobile domain of GroES
SJ Landry, J Zeilstra-Ryalls, O Fayet, C Georgopoulos, LM Gierasch
Nature 364 (6434), 255-258, 1993
Translational frameshifting in the control of transposition in bacteria
M Chandler, O Fayet
Molecular microbiology 7 (4), 497-503, 1993
Genotypic and Phenotypic Analysis of Enterobacter sakazakii Strains from an Outbreak Resulting in Fatalities in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in France
J Caubilla-Barron, E Hurrell, S Townsend, P Cheetham, C Loc-Carrillo, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 45 (12), 3979-3985, 2007
Functional similarities between retroviruses and the IS3 family of bacterial insertion sequences?
O Fayet, P Ramond, P Polard, MF Prere, M Chandler
Molecular microbiology 4 (10), 1771-1777, 1990
suppression of the E. coli dnaA46 mutation by amplification of the groES and groEL genes
Fayet, Louarn, Georgopoulos
Molecular and General Genetics 202 (3), 435-445, 1986
Both the Escherichia coli chaperone systems, GroEL/GroES and DnaK/DnaJ/GrpE, can reactivate heat-treated RNA polymerase. Different mechanisms for the same activity.
A Ziemienowicz, D Skowyra, J Zeilstra-Ryalls, O Fayet, C Georgopoulos, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 268 (34), 25425-25431, 1993
Programmed translational frameshifting and initiation at an AUU codon in gene expression of bacterial insertion sequence IS911
P Polard, MF Prere, M Chandler, O Fayet
Journal of molecular biology 222 (3), 465-477, 1991
Transposition in Shigella dysenteriae: isolation and analysis of IS911, a new member of the IS3 group of insertion sequences
MF Prere, M Chandler, O Fayet
Journal of Bacteriology 172 (7), 4090-4099, 1990
Multiple origin usage for DNA replication in sdrA (rnh) mutants of Escherichia coli K-12: initiation in the absence of oriC
B de Massy, O Fayet, T Kogoma
Journal of molecular biology 178 (2), 227-236, 1984
Cloning, mapping, and sequencing of the gene encoding Escherichia coli quinoprotein glucose dehydrogenase
AM Cleton-Jansen, N Goosen, O Fayet, P Van de Putte
Journal of bacteriology 172 (11), 6308-6315, 1990
Isolation and characterization of the Escherichia coli htrB gene, whose product is essential for bacterial viability above 33 degrees C in rich media
M Karow, O Fayet, A Cegielska, T Ziegelhoffer, C Georgopoulos
Journal of bacteriology 173 (2), 741-750, 1991
Translational control of transposition activity of the bacterial insertion sequence IS1.
JM Escoubas, MF Prere, O Fayet, I Salvignol, D Galas, D Zerbib, ...
The EMBO Journal 10 (3), 705-712, 1991
Transposase‐induced excision and circularization of the bacterial insertion sequence IS911.
P Polard, MF Prere, O Fayet, M Chandler
The EMBO Journal 11 (13), 5079-5090, 1992
Impact of Three Ampicillin Dosage Regimens on Selection of Ampicillin Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae and Excretion of blaTEM Genes in Swine Feces
D Bibbal, V Dupouy, JP Ferré, PL Toutain, O Fayet, MF Prere, ...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 73 (15), 4785-4790, 2007
Recoding in bacteriophages and bacterial IS elements
PV Baranov, O Fayet, RW Hendrix, JF Atkins
TRENDS in Genetics 22 (3), 174-181, 2006
A Set of pBR322-Compatible Plasmids Allowing the Testing of Chaperone-Assisted Folding of Proteins Overexpressed inEscherichia coli
MP Castanié, H Bergès, J Oreglia, MF Prere, O Fayet
Analytical biochemistry 254 (1), 150-152, 1997
Sequence analysis and phenotypic characterization of groEL mutations that block lambda and T4 bacteriophage growth
J Zeilstra-Ryalls, O Fayet, L Baird, C Georgopoulos
Journal of bacteriology 175 (4), 1134-1143, 1993
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