Top publications
h5-index is the h-index for articles published in the last 5 complete years. It is the largest number h such that h articles published in 2016-2020 have at least h citations each.hide
h5-median for a publication is the median number of citations for the articles that make up its h5-index.hide
1.Nature Physics147210
2.Journal of Molecular Liquids114156
3.Reviews of Modern Physics99236
4.Reports on Progress in Physics94161
5.Proceedings of the IEEE93159
6.Physical Review A88111
7.Applied Sciences7796
8.New Journal of Physics76102
9.Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics71103
10.Physical review. E7088
11.Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications7086
12.Computer Physics Communications68117
13.Applied Mathematical Modelling6787
14.Results in Physics6685
16.IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement6289
17.Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences6186
18.The European Physical Journal Plus5978
20.Annals of Mathematics5487
Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program.